Saturday, April 13, 2013

Speeding Down the Spiral Review

by Ava, 4th grade

Speeding Down the Spiral: An Artful Adventure by Deborah Goodman Davis Illustraed by Sophy Naess

This book is about Lizzie, her dad, and her brother’s visit to the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. It was summertime and Lizzie really wished they could be going to a water park instead. When her dad gets distracted Lizzie ends up chasing her brother down the spiral ramp that is in the middle of the museum.

My favorite part was when Ben, Lizzie’s little brother, falls into a big pile of black licorice.  

I like the book because it was funny. I also liked how it told me about some art pieces that are displayed in the Guggenheim. Not only do you see pictures of the art in the book but you learn a little bit about the things you see.

This is a picture book; it’s kind of short, but not too short.  I think this book is for younger kids but I am 10 and I liked it too. I even enjoyed reading it to my younger sister.

A part that made me laugh was when Ben flew across the opening of the spiral ramp. On that part I also felt like I was seeing through the main character’s eyes because I bet Lizzie was afraid her brother was going to fall down the middle of the spiral. That’s how I felt too.

You can read about my visit to the museum here

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  1. Great job with the post Ava....I really liked how you utilized pictures to go along with your review...I was really connected to the story and would love if you read it to me.

    Love U, Dad